FMCA Western Bus Nuts


This page contains several types of travel-related information of interest to RVers in general and the Western Bus Nuts in particular.  Any comments about this page may be directed to the Webmaster.

Ever been on one of those roads with your coach that you should not have been? 

 Been there, done that?  Most of us have, even if we don't want to talk about it!

 If you have been there, done that, please share with us the road(s) or portion(s) thereof, so that your fellow travelers may be spared.  The next traveler to be  spared may be you! 

 To share with us the road, or to report a broken link, please contact the Webmaster on the Contact Us page.

 Resting and Refueling

Prices - gasoline and diesel nationwide
Rest Areas and Welcome Centers nationwide
Rest Areas - Arizona (PDF map file, requires Adobe Acrobat Reader) tpd.
Rest Areas - California
Rest Areas - Nevada (map file)
Rest Areas - Oregon
Rest Areas - Washington
RV Dump Stations nationwide dumpstations 
RV UNFRIENDLY places nationwide

Farmers Markets and Natural Food Co-Ops

Wholesale and Farmers Markets Nationwide
Local Harvest
Natural Food Co-Op Directory Service, Nationwide p;

 Roads to AVOID with your coach

  • California State Highway 36 between Rio Dell (south of Fortuna, near the coast) and Red Bluff
  • California State Highway 58 west of Interstate 5 between McKittrick and Santa Margarita
  • California State Highway 155 between Wofford Heights (near Lake Isabella) and Delano

 Road and weather conditions

California road conditions  1-800-427-7623
Arizona road conditions 1-888-411-7623 (requires Macromedia Flash Player)
Nevada road conditions 1-877-687-6237
Oregon road conditions .asp
Washington road conditions

 Travel-related Links

California State Parks Maximum Vehicle Lengths www.
Camping and Traveling In The United States  (has links to many traveler services) index.htm
City Pass - Discounts in 9 major cities/regions
Excel distributors resources and articles
Free or nearly free campgrounds
Map overlay files -- map overlay files for your mappinig software or stand-alone GPS, including text files for printing Overlay files show the locations of selected destinations, such as Flying Js, Costcos,
Wal-Marts, dump stations, casinos with and without RV parking, etc., directly on your mapping software or in a printable text file.
Woodall's  Information about RVing and camping